Take a look at some of our most impressive projects to date.

Contract: $7,051,029.69

Mapleton City Secondary Water System

This project consisted of the installation of 47,200 LF of PVC, ductile and RCP water line ranging in size from 4” to 24” with appurtenances throughout the city streets. We developed a 32,000,000-gallon irrigation reservoir with HDPE Firestone Liner and granular cover as part of the irrigation distribution system operated under Mapleton City Irrigation. It also included the construction of a water pump station, including concrete wet well, waterman gates, 60” RCP, concrete unit masonry walls, all primary and secondary structural framing members, connections, roofing, skylights, windows, doors, flashing, closures, insulation and other miscellaneous items. We also constructed and installed 9 concrete vaults with meter vaults, check valve vaults, control valve vaults, and air release vaults. In addition, we supplied and installed an Amiad Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter System which removes all particles larger than 200 microns from the influent. Filter system capable of handling 6,500 GPM with the option expansion up to 12,000 GPM.

Contract: $15,625,780.67

Mapleton/Springville Regulating Tank

This project required Condie Construction to furnish and install a 6.7-million-gallon rectangular self-healing concrete regulating tank complete with flow control structure, 30” sleeve valves, inlet and outlet piping, and approximately 5,600 LF of pipe.

Contract: $429,120.50

Gobblefield Ditch Enclosure

Installing a 2.5-mile pressurized irrigation HDPE transmission line near Ephraim in Sanpete County, Utah. The pipeline is comprised of 30-inch to 34-inch HDPE pipe. The pipeline will be installed along the banks and in the Gobblefield Ditch, across Cottonwood Creek, in private properties, and across existing roadways. Work also includes constructing a regulating a pond outlet structure with trash rack and canal gate, irrigation turnouts, flow control valves, air valves, and other appurtenances.

Contract: $6,785,871.00

500 East Reconstruction

1480’ of 48” welded steel pipeline with manways and CLSM etc. Replaced storm drain throughout with new waterlines of various sizes. Full road re-construction with sidewalks, curb, and paving. All while maintaining traffic and access.

Contract: $33,317,038.56

CWP North Shore Aqueduct, Vineyard Connector Segment

Contract: $14,922,000.00

Spanish Fork Santaquin Pipeline

This project involved installing approx. 8400 ft of 60” WSP, welded joints, mortar lining, tape and mortar coating; approx. 230 feet of 72-inch jacked casings under two Union Pacific railroads, modification of existing concrete structure, asphalt paving, earthwork and other appurtenances and related work. Pipe was installed by open cut methods using slide rail shoring.

Contract: $3,006,000.00

Monroe Street

Condie Construction installed 1,800 LF of 36” and 48” RCP and elliptical RCP storm drain pipe along with associated junction boxes and catch basins in an existing busy concrete roadway with numerous utilities to cross and work around. Additional challenges were installing a portion of the storm drain pipe under tight overhead conditions due to the I-15 overpass and high groundwater conditions. Condie was able to crush the existing road concrete and re-use the material for the new road subbase. One of the challenges of the road construction was that traffic had to remain open so the removal and new construction had to be phased and sequenced so that the traffic could be maintained. Another significant challenge was that the new road surface was nearly 2.5 ft. higher than the existing road surface. Therefore, work in intersections that had to maintain traffic had to be phased and sequenced to allow portions of the work to be completed. The project also included the placement of topsoil, large medians with landscape rock, and several block walls for landscaping purposes.

Contract: $2,087,955.33

Emery Town Water Improvements

Construction of 6,655 LF of 63” dia. HDPE pipe, 15,150 LF of 54” dia. HDPE pipe, 17,500 LF of 14” dia. HDPE pipe, one concrete diversion structure (including piping and mechanical equipment), 4” – 12” HDPE turnouts and piping, irrigation turnouts, connection to existing water treatment plant, excavation and other misc. improvements.

Contract: $1,232,986.63

Magna Reservoir

This project Includes excavation of a 5 acre, (20 acre feet) secondary reservoir including geosynthetic clay liner, with bedding, protective and armor layers, 16” C-900, 16” HDPE, and 6” SDR-35 waterlines, 12”, 15” and 36” RCP install, catch basins, spring diversion structure, inlet/outlet structure with 24” x 24” waterman slide gate and oil filled stem, overflow structures, on site crushing/screening of UBC, 2” gravel, and rip rap, and erosion control and seeding.

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